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Christmas Messages
Christmas poetry sms
May all the sweet magic
Of Christmas conspire
To gladden your hearts
And fill every desire
A beautiful merry xmas sms greetings
May your world be filled with warmth and good chear this Holy season, and throughout the year.
Wish your christmas be filled with peace and love
Real Peace
Wishing you real peace, real love, real joy at Christmas & New Year for many years to come.
Sincere Wishes
Sincere wishes for a merry ChristmasHoping that the light of New Year will shine on you and your beloved ones, as well as our Dear LebanonIn between all the parties..
Christmas sayings
Christmas is a time when
everybody wants his past forgotten
and his present remembered.
Merry Chrismtas
Christmas Poetry SMS Quotes
The snow gently falls,
and touches the heart,
white as a dove,
Merry christmas with love.
Magic Christmas
May all the sweet magic Of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire!
If tonight, a big fat man jumps in at your window, grabs you and puts you in a sack don't worry I told Santa I wanted you for CHRISTMAS.HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
Spirit of Christmas
Joy resonates in the hearts of those who believe in the spirit of Christmas!
Christmas Season
Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the Christmas season!
Silent Night
A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love. A blessed Christmas to you!
Extra Santa
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas & a
great new year. Hopefully Santa will be extra
good to you. Merry Christmas & Happy new year
Bells are ringing the wishes of christmas day
the flying snowflakes send my most sincere
blessings to you merry christmas
Warning: Xmas has been cancelled and its all
your fault! Someone told Santa that you had
been good all year .. He died laughing. Merry
Watching U
Christmas may be many things
or it may be a few.
For you, the joy
is each new toy;
for me;
it’s watching U.
Christmas Means
Christmas is the season for kindling the fire
of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame
of charity in the heart
Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness
of mind; Teach us to be patient and always to
be kind.
Jingle bells
Jingle bells Jingle bells what fun it is to
wish our friends a very merry christmas
Ideal Christmas
Have an ideal Christmas;
an occasion that is celebrated as a
reflection of your values, desires,
affections, traditions.
Sweet Magic
May all the sweet magic
Of Christmas conspire
To gladden your hearts
And fill every desire
New Year Messages
Have a lucky new year 2011
My wishes for you, great start for Jan,
Love for Feb, peace for March,
No worries for April, fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov, happiness for Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderful 2012
A beautiful new year sms
I met love, health, peace and joy,
They needed a permanent place to stay.
I gave them ur address hope they arrived safely.
"Happy New Year"
Brand New Year Poetry Sms
Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don't get Fear
Coz, God Gift us a "BRAND NEW YEAR".
Best Wishes for New Year
May this new year all your dreams turn into reality &
All your efforts into great achievements.
Beautiful New Year
May each day of the coming year
be vibrant and new.
Bringing along
many reasons for celebrations.
Beginning of New Year
Looking back on the months gone by
As a new year starts and an old one ends
We contemplate what brought us joy
And we think of our loved ones & our friends.
New year eve message
This is the last day of the year, they call it new years eve, look back at all the memories, this year u're going to leave. May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions
New Year
Of all sound of all bells... most solemn and touching is the peal which rings out the Old Year.
1st Chapter
We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.
Real Peace
Wishing you real peace, real love, real joy at Christmas & New Year for many years to come. Warmest greetings of the season and every good wish for the coming year.
Hope u'll have a New Year that starts right and ends Happy!
Universal Bank of God
In 'The Universal Bank of God'...
God stores his blessings & deposited 365 days full of love, faith & happiness for you...
So, Enjoy spending...
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year
Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
And it's my New Year wish 4u Dear...
Best Friend
Memorable moment r celebrate together,
U r my best friend for now & forever,
Make me Miss U even more this New Year,
Hope this 20-- bring Happiness for you Dear.
networks get jammed
Before the golden sun sets,
2011's calender is destroyed,
And mobile networks get jammed,
I wish in 2012 every moment is enjoyed
Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Aishwarya Rai
Jennifer Lopez
Amitabh Bachhan
& me..
All the Stars wish u a
Very Happy New Year.
Special Wishes
Years come and go,
but this year I specially wish 4 u
a double dose of health n happiness
topped with loads of good fortune.
Have a great year ahead!
Happy New Year 20--
Keep the Smile
Keep the smile,
leave the tear,
Think of joy,
forget the fear,
Hold the laugh,
leave the pain,
Be joyous ,
Coz its new year!


ADHA Messages

I wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful Eid.
May Allah
May Allah accept your good deeds ,May the magic of this EID bring lots of happiness in ur life
Magic of Eid
May the magic of this EID bring lots of happiness in ur life & may u celebrate it wid all ur close friends & may it fill ur HEART wid wonders.
Eid 1
EID MUBARAK Please accept my heartfelt felicitation on the auspicious occasion of Eid, wishing you every success, God Bless you and your family
Eid 2
Eid ul adha is eid of sacrifice, and commitment to Allahs orders, May Allah bless us with the same in all circles of life
Eid Mubarak
No great verses, No pieces of art. Just two special words straight from the heart.


RAMADAN Messages

Message 1

May This Ramadan be as bright as ever.
May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you.

Message 2
May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony

Message 3
The holy month of Ramadan,
For all Muslims has begun.
Praising Allah through the day,
From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.
We pay zakah for those in need,
Trying hard to do good deeds.
Wishing you wonderful Ramadan.

Message 4
Glass of Care
A Plate of Love
A Spoon of Peace
A Fork of Truth &
A Bowl of Duaas. Mix with spices of QURAAN.
Enjoy This Meal.

Message 5
The Prophet ordered the people to pay Zakat-ul-Fitr before going to the Eid prayer.

Message 6
Wishing u 1 month of ramadan,
4 weeks of barkat,
30 days of forgiveness,
720 hours of guidance,
43200 minutes of purification,
2592000 secs of Nuur..!! Ramadan Mubarak

Message 7
He is the one GOD;
the Creater, the Initiate, the Designer.
To Him belong the most beautiful names…
He is the Almighty, Most Wise.
Wishing you a blessed Ramadan..!

Message 8
Wishing you and your family
the blessings of Ramadan.
Ramadan Mubarak !!

Message 9
Fortunate Is The One
Who Has Learned To Admire,
But Not To Envy.
Good Wishes For A Joyous Ramadan

True Love messages

True Love 1
Ull always be mine 4 now & 4ever.Ull always be mine 4 u r my treasure.Ull always be mine please tell me its true.Please be mine 4ever ill always luv u
True Love 2
if i died or travelled far, i'd write ur name on every star,so everyone could look up & see, dat u mean the world 2 me
True Love 3
Accidents do happen.i slip- i trip- i stumble- i fall & usually i dont care at all.but now i dont know what to do cos i slipped and fell in love with u
True Love 4
Love is like a golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain youll break my heart 4ever!xxx
True Love 5
There are 3 steps to happy happiness: 1 you. 2 me. 3 our hearts 4 eternity!
True Love 6
Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
True Love 7
The hardest thing you'll ever do is watch the one u love, love someone else.
True Love 8
Love is like the truth, sometimes it prevails, sometimes it hurts.



All girls are beautiful, after the
lights are switched off.
- Shakespeare.

All boys are innocent before the
lights are off.
- Shakespeare’s wife…

A GIRL Puts Her Fingers Near HOTEL MANAGER'S Lips.
MANAGER Kisses n sucks Each Finger
GIRL: Tell Ur BOSS There Is No Tissue Paper In ur TOILET...

how is sex related to math?
add two person and a bed
subtract cloths
divide the legs
multiply the strokes
and the result is satisfucktion..haha!!!

A Good friend is like a Good bra… hard to find, comfortable, supportive, prevents you from falling, holds you tight and is always close to your heart!
Always start your day with a lot of... S E X
so make S E X a daily habit, and you’ll always B SUCSEXFUL! in LIFE.
Girl: It's too tight
Boy: Don't worry; I'll do it slowly,
Gal: Push it in,
Boy:Ah..I can't,
Gal: It's painful,
Boy:Forget it.
We'll buy new WEDDING RING
Girl : What can you do for me
Boy : i would die for you
Girl : I don’t like you
Boy : Why?

Girl: I m looking for Someone who would live for me not Someone who would just die and leave me alone
3 .U
Three dreams of a man:
To be as handsome as his mother thinks.
To be as rich as his child believes.
To have as many women as his wife suspects
HUSBAND: if i sleep with your best friend what will be the first thought to cross your mind?
WIFE: That you are a HOMOSEXUAL

Mothers's Day Messages

If I have never said thank you for bringing me into the world I'd like to do that now.
If I had a flower for each time I thought of My Mother, I could walk in my garden forever.
A mother understands what a child does not say.
The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. (Honore de Balzac)
No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you, life
Nobody knows of the work it makes,
To keep the home together.
Nobody knows of the steps it takes,
Nobody knows-but Mother
Once upon a memory
Someone wiped away a tear
Held me close and loved me,
Thank you, Mother dear.
Of all the special joys in life,
The big ones and the small,
A mother's love and tenderness
Is the greatest of them all.


LyinG oN mY BeD, LoOkiN @ ThE CloCk, I nOe tAt iTs timE 2 zzz. I WonDeR HoW hAv U bEEn todaY... HopE Tat EveryTHinG is FInE.. WiSh u sweeT dReaMz n Sleep TiGhT!

Morning greetings doesn't only mean saying Gd Morning, it has a silent message saying: I remember you when I wake up! Have a nice day!

Nite has end for another day, morning has come in a special way. May you smile like the sunny rays and leaves your worries at the blue blue bay.


ThinGs 2 TaKe NoTe WheN u SleeP: 1st-MiSS Me, 2nd-ThInk oF Me, 3rd-HuG Me, 4th-LoVE mE. TrY 2 SlEEp NoW & ClOSe Ur EyeS. Get PrePaReD 2 DrEaM oF mE! Gd NiTe!

The Word 'Hello' means H=How R U? E=Everything all right? L=Like 2 hear 4rm U. L=Love 2 C U soon. O=Obviously, I miss you!

In tis lovely nite, I pray 2 the blue moon 2 protect U thru the nite, the wind 2 blow away ur stress N the twinkle stars 2 guide U the way, sweet dreams Gd Nite

da starz r out, da moon is up, 1 more HUG, 1 more smile, KISS u once, KISS u twice, now itz time 4 bed. Close ur @@, n sleep tite!

A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems so great. Thank U my good friend lastly gd nite n sweet dreams...

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